RiskAMP is a full-featured Monte Carlo simulation engine for Microsoft Excel®. With a wealth of random distributions and statistical analysis functions, RiskAMP lets you build complex stochastic models in Excel.

Articles, whitepapers and sample spreadsheets are all available on our on our help pages. You can try the RiskAMP Add-in for 30 days with no obligation on our downloads page.

TREB: Embedded spreadsheets for the web

TREB is our new embedded spreadsheet applicaton that lets you to build full-featured, customizable risk models right in the browser. TREB works in all browsers and spreadsheets can be embedded in any web page.

For more, see the TREB website.

RiskAMP SMART is our brand for a new breed of risk modeling applications that run on the web, in any (modern) web browser. SMART models are built specifically for your application, using our advaned stochastic modeling libraries. SMART models are fast, efficient, easy to use and easy to distribute.

For more, see our SMART overview page.

The Basic Excel R Toolkit, or BERT, is the R console for Excel. BERT lets you add new functions to Excel using R, or control Excel directly from R, in real time. BERT makes it possible to do complex statistics and analytics in Excel, adding all the power of R to your spreadsheets.

For more information, check out the BERT website.

For more information, please contact us by email at [email protected] or 1 (800) 573-6559.