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How To: Add Monte Carlo Simulation to Your Spreadsheet Models

This article walks through the process of adding Monte Carlo simulation analysis to an Excel spreadsheet with the RiskAMP Add-in.

Using Correlated Multivariate Distributions

This article describes the multivariate distributions and how to use them in your spreadsheets.

Monte Carlo Simulation in Project Planning

This article walks through using Monte Carlo simulation in project planning, with a worked example.

The beta-PERT Distribution

This article describes the beta-PERT distribution, used to model expert data (such as estimates from a project manager) in probability simulations.

Latin Hypercube Sampling

What is Latin Hypercube Sampling, and how does it compare to standard random sampling?

Using the RiskAMP Add-in with VBA

This article discusses running simulations from VBA, the VBA function library, and how to execute VBA code at each trial of a simulation.

Fitting Data to Random Distributions

How to use the RiskAMP distribution fitting tool to fit existing data to a random distribution.

Sample Spreadsheets

Basic Examples: Investment Returns and Project Planning

This spreadsheet illustrates general uses of the RiskAMP Add-in in modeling investment returns and project planning.

Retirement Portfolio

This spreadsheet demonstrates a simple retirement portfolio, with an analysis of the portfolio risk based on a fixed annual withdrawal.

Retirement Portfolio with Contribution Period

This spreadsheet models a retirement plan prior to retirement, with a period of fixed contribution to the portfolio followed by a retirement period with a constant annual withdrawal amount.

Portfolio Comparison

A comparison of two portfolios over 25 periods.

Conditional Risk / Conditional Revenue Opportunity Model

This spreadsheet models conditional risks or conditional revenue opportunitues, each with a probability of occurrence and a distribution of possible outcomes.

Correlation: Bivariate Normal

This example demonstrates the use of bivariate correlated normal values using the CorrelatedNormalValue function.

Multivariate Distributions

This example demonstrates the correlated multivariate distribution functions. The example is described in detail in this article.

Correlated Asset Portfolio Example

This spreadsheet demonstrates the practical application of the multivariate normal function to create a 10-year portfolio model containing a weighted mix of correlated asset classes.

Interest Rates

This is an example of modeling interest rates. The spreadsheet uses the Cox-Ingersoll-Ross model to sample interest rates over multiple discrete periods.

Value at Risk

This spreadsheet illustrates estimating value at risk (VaR) with the RiskAMP add-in. Based on the gain or loss from a spreadsheet model, VaR can be estimated easily with the SimulationPercentile function.


Whitepaper: What is Monte Carlo Simulation?

Download the Excel spreadsheet used in this whitepaper

This whitepaper is an overview of Monte Carlo simulations, and discusses the situations that can take advantage of risk management and stochastic analysis.


RiskAMP Help Manual (Windows HTML Help format)

The RiskAMP help manual is installed with the RiskAMP Add-in and is accessible from Excel to provide online help. More recent versions of Windows may need to install HTML help software.

RiskAMP User Guide

The user guide is an overview of the functions and concepts used in the RiskAMP Add-in.

RiskAMP Reference Guide

The reference guide includes detailed information about the probability distributions provided with the RiskAMP Add-in.