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SequentialValue and IndexValue

The functions SequentialValue and IndexValue can be used for bootstrap analysis, or for using an existing set of pre-generated random variates in a model.

IndexValue returns a value, starting from 1, that increases by 1 in every trial.

SequentialValue returns a value from a range of input values, in order.

Suppose you have a set of data,

and use the sequential value function.

When you run a simulation, in the first trial the value will be 100; in the second trial, the value will be 102; then 97 in the third trial; then 96; and so on.

Both functions can take a limit - a maximum value in the case of IndexValue, and a count in the case of SequentialValue. In both cases if the limit is exceeded, the functions will roll over – starting again from 1 in the case of IndexValue, or starting from the first value in the set for SequentialValue.

Similar functions with slightly different properties are

UniformRangeSample - selects at random from a range of values, without replacement.

ChoiceValue - selects at random from a range of values with replacement.

WeightedChoiceValue - the same as ChoiceValue, but with an additional range representing selection weights.

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