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Customizing QuickView and Correlation Charts

The charts generated by the QuickView and Correlation tools on the RiskAMP toolbar are built as normal Excel charts. Once a chart has been embedded in a spreadsheet, you can modify the design using standard Excel chart tools.

We generate the original charts using Excel’s Chart Templates feature. These templates are responsible for the chart design, layout, and style.

You can customize these charts to change any of the design features, and use your custom charts any time you use the QuickView or Correlation functions.

The chart templates are in your install directory. Unless you change the default, this will be %APPDATA%\RiskAMP. (You can just type that into a Windows Explorer window or Run dialog and it will open the directory - no need to figure out what %APPDATA% is).

Note that there are two chart templates for each dialog: one responsible for the chart in the dialog, and a second responsible for the chart once it has been pasted into a spreadsheet. We use these to make small changes to chart and axes titles, but you can use them any way you wish.

We suggest saving copies of the original chart templates in case you want to revert changes, but you can also re-run the installer to get the original templates back.

In Excel, modify a chart as you like. Right-click the chart and click Save as Template…. Switch to the directory %APPDATA%\RiskAMP and save over the original chart template.

You cannot change the number of histogram bins, or the maximum number of data points in the correlation chart.

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