Custom risk applications on the web with RiskAMP SMART
Tailored • Fast & Efficient • Available & Accessible

RiskAMP SMART is our brand for a new breed of risk modeling applications. We’ve taken 10 years of experience building desktop and cluster-based risk models and moved that to the web.

Rather than force our own risk models on you, we start with your model – whether that’s just a concept, or a fully-built Excel spreadsheet.

We build data input pages and comprehensive reports using modern web application techniques. Then we add our stochastic modeling and statistics libraries to build a fully-functional risk analytics model.

Responsive web applications scale up or down to run on PCs, tablets, and phones. Charts and graphs render using vector graphics, so they look great when printing or embedding in your documents.

Try some sample applications for Project Risk; Retirement Planning; or Revenue/Risk Projection.


  • Fully repeatable and auditable simulations

  • Excel-compatible reports

  • High-performance client/server code

  • Easy to deploy – all you need is a web browser

In the Cloud or In Your Network

We can host applications with our cloud partners with guaranteed uptime and fast access from anywhere in the world.

We’ll bet that our hosting costs less than running your own servers (and you don’t have to maintain them). But if you prefer, you can always host SMART apps within your network, for full control.

Our software runs on Linux, Solaris, and Windows, including Sharepoint integration on Windows.

Data Integrity

Saving and loading files to the cloud is convenient – you can access them from anywhere.

But if you’re concerned about integrity, private data never needs to leave your machine. Our web apps are fully capable of loading and saving files from your desktop, and all calculations can run in the browser.

Find Out More

Contact us at [email protected] or 1 (800) 573-6559 for a demo or information webcast.