Browser-Based Risk Applications

Introducing TREB: Fully Customizable Browser-Based Risk Modeling

TREB is our new tool that allows you to build fully customizable risk applications in the browser. TREB works with our existing browser-based risk modeling tools, and can complement any existing model.

All you need is a web browser. TREB supports all modern web browsers and has full support for IE11 (although newer browsers will be faster). Just like RiskAMP in Excel, with TREB you can build a simulation model in a spreadsheet, run the Monte Carlo simulation, create and view charts, get statistics, and create distribution tables.

Because it’s browser-based, TREB runs on Windows, OSX, and Linux (including Chromebooks).

All the random distribution function we provide in Excel and all the statistics and analytics functions are available in the browser (actually some may be missing in this release, but they’re all in progress).

Try it out! Here are some example models:

The PERT distribution vs. the Triangular Distribution
An example of the PERT distribution and the triangular distribution, used for modeling expert data (predictions)

Risk/Opportunity Model
A model showing conditions combined with probability distributions for modeling project costs/risks or project revenue/opportunities.

Multivariate Distribution Basics
Using correlated multivariate distrubutions

Using a Mixed-Multivariate Distribution
A correlated multivariate distribution that mixes normal, uniform, triangular and PERT distributions

Or you can start with an empty model. You can always save models to your desktop as simple JSON files.

Additional Features

In addition to what’s available on the web here, custom applications built with TREB and our SMART libraries include:

  • Multi-user editing over local networks or over the web, in real time with full change history and attribution

  • “Presentation Mode”, where you can make changes or run simulations and others can view them in real time

  • Network file storage and management

  • Custom functions and script libraries and integration with third-party tools

  • Theming, custom layout and design

  • Desktop application deployment and support

Contact us for more information on TREB and how it integrates with our browser-based stochastic modeling tools.