RiskAMP SMART: Web-Based Risk Analytics

Fully-functional Risk Applications Built for the Web

RiskAMP SMART is our new platform for web-based risk and stochastic modeling tools. We've taken 10 years of experience building desktop- and cluster-based risk tools and moved that to the web.

As we build out the system we'll make more applications available on this page. Please try out our web apps and be sure to send us questions or feedback.

  • Conditional Revenue / Risk Model

    This application models conditional reveune opportunities or conditional risks, including alternative revenue generation and risk mitigation strategies. The app also includes a comprehensive report, charts and graphs, and a full walkthrough to help you get started.

  • Retirement Planning

    The retirement planning app includes a full retirement model with income and revenue streams, an investment portfolio model including correlated and non-correlated assets, an interactive report and a comprehensive set of data analytics.

System Requirements

RiskAMP SMART requires a modern web browser - a current version of Chrome, IE, Safari or Firefox. We support iPads and Android tablets as well. Phones are fine but the bigger the screen, the better.