Conditional Revenue / Risk Model

This model builds a revenue or cost projection based on potential future cash flows (opportunities or risks). In the model, we build a number of potential cash flows (or costs). For each item, there is a distribution of potential outcomes; and a probability that the event will or will not occur.

Calculating the model, we generate a distribution of potential future revenue (or risk).

In addition to the main projections, we can create additional projections for alternative scenarios. In a risk model, for example, this might reflect the potential risk reduction if we take specific mitigation steps.

In a revenue model, alternative scenarios might reflect changes to opportunities in response to external market factors; or they might reflect different opportunities based on specific marketing and sales efforts.

Guide to this Application

There's a walk-through guide to help you understand the application and how it works available here:

Conditional Revenue / Risk Walkthrough

Two last notes: use control-Z to undo changes; and if you accidentally reload the page, your data will be saved.

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Load or save files to your desktop, or clear the model to restart.

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Example Models

Example 1: Conditional Revenue Opportunities

Random Number Generator

Set a seed value for the random number generator and re-run the simulation model. This can be useful if you want to get reproducible results.

A seed value of zero (0) will use the current system time.

Please note: values in the tables and charts below are simplified to two significant digits. See the Data tab for precise values.

Result Distribution